What To Know About Penises – The Penis Enlargement Facts In 2018


Penis size and erection may be a standard for virility amongst men. There are many advised ways on how to make the penis become larger. There are some stretching exercises, penis enhancement creams, pills, and other ways that men do to make their packages larger.

Facts about the penis

The average size of an erect penis is 5 to 6 inches. Some men who engage in sex with multiple partners may be very conscious of his penis size. Penis enlargement facts in 2018 prove that there are a number of men who do various activities and buy an array of products to get a bigger and larger penis.

One sure way to enhance the size of the penis without using any brutal exercises or enhancement products is through weight loss. Losing a great deal of weight will surely show the shaft of your penis.

Options for penis enlargement

One may use a vacuum pump which draws blood from the body to the penis by sucking the air and the penis to a vacuum. It can only last as long as 30 minutes though and does not give permanent results.

Weight exercises for the penis are one way of making the penis larger. It involves hanging weights at the tip of the flaccid penis.

Surgery can be one of the surest ways to add length or girth to the penis. A ligament will be cut between the pelvic bone and the penis itself and will add additional length to the shaft. While others add silicone or additional tissue to increase girth.


In all the procedures, exercises, and products that you are planning to embark on to make your penis larger, there is also health risk that may come with them. Stay informed and discuss your plans with a doctor to get good advice.